Artifical Life Simulation


0rules - turns off all the rules
rrules - randomize rules for every type
clear - clears the simulation
add [type] [color] - adds a new cell. types: red, green, ... colors: #123, #abc123, red, green, ...
addx [count] [type] [color] - adds a number of cells. types & colors: ^^^
addallx [count] - adds a number of cells of every type
rule [type1] [type2] [speed] - sets the rule between two types
stop - stops the movement
set [s|a|m|i] [value] - sets the value of a constant. s = speed limit, a = max attraction, m = mutation, i = interaction distance
move [type] [x] [y] - moves a type by x, y
moveall [x] [y] - moves all by x, y
ruleall [speed] - sets the same rule speed for everything
width [value] - sets the width of the simulation
height [value] - sets the height of the simulation
center - moves all cells to the center of the simulation